Dried Waterlily Flowers & Petals

Edible Dried Waterlilies

Leuca Creek 100% pure and natural Edible Dried Waterlily Petals and Stamen Crowns can be used in so many different ways, limited only by your imagination!

Our Waterlily flowers are perfect for decorating cakes, biscuits, ice cream, salads or adding colour to a refreshing fruit punch. The stamen crowns can be left whole or separated into natural golden sprinkles.

Waterlily petals also contain two mild sedative natural compounds that make a great herbal sleep tea which reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. This is also known as “Blue Lotus”.

To make one cup (say 200 mL) of sleep tea, place six petals and some stamen sprinkles in an infuser into your cup and pour boiling water over it. Leave to steep for 10 to 15 minutes (no longer), then remove. Drink one cup only in the evening for a restful sleep. You may want to blend your waterlily petals with peppermint tea and/or honey for a delicious and relaxing drink before bedtime.

Waterlily petals also make beautiful and 100% natural confetti for weddings or other special events. Or what about luxuriating in a warm bath sprinkled with Waterlily petals. Bliss!

Also available upon request:

  • Whole Dried Waterlily flowers
  • Bulk orders of dried flowers and/or petals.

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