Caring for Flowers

Waterlily flowers need some special care!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy them at their best for 5-7 days.

  • Waterlily flowers evaporate through their stems so they need to be kept up to their necks in water to prevent drying and bending.
  • Cut the stems to the height of your vase with a sharp knife and place around the rim.
  • The stems keep growing in your vase so each day trim them back to the rim with a sharp knife and refill the vase.
  • Waterlily flowers like LOTS of light! They open in the morning and close at night. Put them in the brightest place in your house out of direct heat.

Note: it can take a couple of days for your buds to first open.

Caring For Waterlily Flowers 1
Caring For Waterlily Flowers 2